Cleaning the carpet can virtually ask you to task and you would perhaps be happy to call upon a genius for the same. Why? Reason is very plain and simple. Carpets when laid out on the floors look decent and add value to your interior decoration beyond doubts. But, have you wondered what does it precisely do? The commonest purpose of using carper could be attributed to its unique property to enforcing a decent look despite your floor may be dirty and this act of decent looking is well supplemented by its gorgeous colors.

Carpets – a look back:

There’s an adage that says the seed you sow so you reap. If we do take care of carpets it too will take care of us in return by way of its longevity thereby paying back the value for money. Irrespective of the status of any object we must take care of it so much so that we can create a bonding with it. The reason for saying this is manifold which can best be exemplified in our interests for medieval items and designs.

By saying so I do not mean you must store old rugs as a treasure trove, never. What I mean is that if you can take care of your rugs and it remains intact for a considerable longer duration you will find for sure that your home is having something unique to be proud of in the matters of carpet as you see in the fashion industry. In fashion trade very often than not designers do innumerable permutations and combinations while designing stuffs as special creations. In the process you will get to see that the old fashions have begun to roll back in its new avatars after a few years down the line.

What is a carpet?

Let’s begin our discussion with the definition of a carpet before going any further as they say a problem well defined is half solved. It is thus intended for making our concept clear what to what constitutes a carpet and how to take care of it.

A carpet is essentially a floor covering that can be made of pieces of heavy fabrics. In parlance we can say it’s a coarse cloth with a thickness and artistically designed and colored material that is used to cover up floors at different places and in different ways of our home.

Usage of Carpet:

Carpets were used since the medieval age or even prior to that as one of precious room decoration items and in those days only the rich could afford it in view of its high costs and constraints in availability. Now, it’s a booming business for all and sundry with the passage of the monarchy. Having more and more disposable income in hand and more importantly for working couples it has become a must for keeping floors covered and not letting it become vulnerable to piling up of dusts and others on the floor itself apart from ushering to a style statement. Aesthetically carpets are good and therefore forms an integral part of modern day decoration.

Moreover carpets serve another important purpose of keeping your room hot during the winter days when the temperature in the surrounding goes down substantially leaving your floors to damp and cold. As such carpets come handy during rainy days as well to eradicate the feel of dampness.

Why should you clean your carpets?

This is an interesting question given the main purpose of using carpets at households. To begin with cleanliness is godliness – so goes a saying that doesn’t ask too much of you rather asks for investing some of your time and may be a little amount of money to give your home a refreshing and invigorating environment alongside creating a healthy environment for yourself as well as your kids. It is worthy to mention here that kids get attracted to diseases quickly as their immunity system can’t fight with the germs as good as the grownups.

Additionally you create more value for your hard earned monies by taking a little care of your carpets alongside maintaining the same refreshing and dazzling colors for which you fell in love with it. On the whole you increase the life expectancy of a carpet by way of its little care.

How to clean your carpets?   

There are ways and means of cleaning the carpets such as hiring the professional service or doing it on your own. If you are too occupied with your assignment and your spouse too ideally you should hire a professional service that can effectively clean your carpets to your satisfaction. Alternatively you can try out your hands too for cleaning the carpets at your home. How?

Just follow the simple steps narrated below even though the steps can’t be construed as exhaustive given the fact that every carpet can come up with a unique set of cleaning issues that are to be taken care of by you alone, if not hiring professional services for this.

  1. At the first instance you must take dust particles out from the carpets by using vacuum cleaner and use the new sack or dust collection bag for vacuum cleaner for effective collection of dusts and others alongside reducing the possibilities of remainders there.
  2. Prepare a solution mixing home detergents with water. Apply commonsense on this with regard the fixing of percentages of the ingredients like powder and the water. The idea is to create a moderate solution that will take way stains on applying it on the affected area and rubbing it with a towel or so.
  3. Soak a towel into the solution and wet the stain areas with the help of it. If need be rub the stain marks with the towel or any coarse cloth diligently as long as stains do not subside. Here you can use brush as well meant for floor cleaning. Repeat the process until and unless you are satisfied with it.
  4. Taking out the stains can become a bit easier provided you soak the stain area with the solution at least 5 / 10 minutes ahead of resorting to action by way of rubbing over it. Tepid water in the solution too can come handy in this situation.
  5. Avoid extra soaking of the solution by the carpets which will ideally make its drying time lengthy alongside spreading the dirty. This can effectively be done by way of letting out some towels or sheets in the vicinity of the stain area.
  6. Replenish the container of the mixture that you prepared initially with the fresh water which is required to be applied with the carpet on the stain area post the detergent treatment of that area.
  7. Use scrub brush to take out the excess water, if any, from the carpet with a view to remove the left over soap from it and then allow it to dry up.
  8. Try and remove excess soap entirely out of the carpet since the residual soap will patch up with soil very quickly leaving you in quandary in want of keeping the carpets clean.
  9. Post the drying up of the carpet you need to mop it up once more with the vacuum cleaner for puffing it up and giving it an invigorated look alongside picking the dust particles up loosened during the course of cleaning.
  10. Apply carpet protector which in essence will protect the carpets from soaking the stains deep inside it and expedite carpet cleaning next time.

Like all other chores at your home carpet cleaning exercise too must be taken up at regular intervals with a view to give your carpets a stunning look always. After all a good looking home from outside as well as inside imbibes positivities into its dwellers’ mind which is no less precious to long for.

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