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Cleaning the carpet can virtually ask you to task and you would perhaps be happy to call upon a genius for the same. Why? Reason is very plain and simple. Carpets when laid out on the floors look decent and add value to your interior decoration beyond doubts. But, have you wondered what does it precisely do? The commonest purpose of using carper could be attributed to its unique property to enforcing a decent look despite your floor may be dirty and this act of decent looking is well supplemented by its gorgeous colors.

Carpets – a look back:

There’s an adage that says the seed you sow so you reap. If we do take care of carpets it too will take care of us in return by way of its longevity thereby paying back the value for money. Irrespective of the status of any object we must take care of it so much so that we can create a bonding with it. The reason for saying this is manifold which can best be exemplified in our interests for medieval items and designs.

By saying so I do not mean you must store old rugs as a treasure trove, never. What I mean is that if you can take care of your rugs and it remains intact for a considerable longer duration you will find for sure that your home is having something unique to be proud of in the matters of carpet as you see in the fashion industry. In fashion trade very often than not designers do innumerable permutations and combinations while designing stuffs as special creations. In the process you will get to see that the old fashions have begun to roll back in its new avatars after a few years down the line.

What is a carpet?

Let’s begin our discussion with the definition of a carpet before going any further as they say a problem well defined is half solved. It is thus intended for making our concept clear what to what constitutes a carpet and how to take care of it.

A carpet is essentially a floor covering that can be made of pieces of heavy fabrics. In parlance we can say it’s a coarse cloth with a thickness and artistically designed and colored material that is used to cover up floors at different places and in different ways of our home.

Usage of Carpet:

Carpets were used since the medieval age or even prior to that as one of precious room decoration items and in those days only the rich could afford it in view of its high costs and constraints in availability. Now, it’s a booming business for all and sundry with the passage of the monarchy. Having more and more disposable income in hand and more importantly for working couples it has become a must for keeping floors covered and not letting it become vulnerable to piling up of dusts and others on the floor itself apart from ushering to a style statement. Aesthetically carpets are good and therefore forms an integral part of modern day decoration.

Moreover carpets serve another important purpose of keeping your room hot during the winter days when the temperature in the surrounding goes down substantially leaving your floors to damp and cold. As such carpets come handy during rainy days as well to eradicate the feel of dampness.

Why should you clean your carpets?

This is an interesting question given the main purpose of using carpets at households. To begin with cleanliness is godliness – so goes a saying that doesn’t ask too much of you rather asks for investing some of your time and may be a little amount of money to give your home a refreshing and invigorating environment alongside creating a healthy environment for yourself as well as your kids. It is worthy to mention here that kids get attracted to diseases quickly as their immunity system can’t fight with the germs as good as the grownups.

Additionally you create more value for your hard earned monies by taking a little care of your carpets alongside maintaining the same refreshing and dazzling colors for which you fell in love with it. On the whole you increase the life expectancy of a carpet by way of its little care.

How to clean your carpets?   

There are ways and means of cleaning the carpets such as hiring the professional service or doing it on your own. If you are too occupied with your assignment and your spouse too ideally you should hire a professional service that can effectively clean your carpets to your satisfaction. Alternatively you can try out your hands too for cleaning the carpets at your home. How?

Just follow the simple steps narrated below even though the steps can’t be construed as exhaustive given the fact that every carpet can come up with a unique set of cleaning issues that are to be taken care of by you alone, if not hiring professional services for this.

  1. At the first instance you must take dust particles out from the carpets by using vacuum cleaner and use the new sack or dust collection bag for vacuum cleaner for effective collection of dusts and others alongside reducing the possibilities of remainders there.
  2. Prepare a solution mixing home detergents with water. Apply commonsense on this with regard the fixing of percentages of the ingredients like powder and the water. The idea is to create a moderate solution that will take way stains on applying it on the affected area and rubbing it with a towel or so.
  3. Soak a towel into the solution and wet the stain areas with the help of it. If need be rub the stain marks with the towel or any coarse cloth diligently as long as stains do not subside. Here you can use brush as well meant for floor cleaning. Repeat the process until and unless you are satisfied with it.
  4. Taking out the stains can become a bit easier provided you soak the stain area with the solution at least 5 / 10 minutes ahead of resorting to action by way of rubbing over it. Tepid water in the solution too can come handy in this situation.
  5. Avoid extra soaking of the solution by the carpets which will ideally make its drying time lengthy alongside spreading the dirty. This can effectively be done by way of letting out some towels or sheets in the vicinity of the stain area.
  6. Replenish the container of the mixture that you prepared initially with the fresh water which is required to be applied with the carpet on the stain area post the detergent treatment of that area.
  7. Use scrub brush to take out the excess water, if any, from the carpet with a view to remove the left over soap from it and then allow it to dry up.
  8. Try and remove excess soap entirely out of the carpet since the residual soap will patch up with soil very quickly leaving you in quandary in want of keeping the carpets clean.
  9. Post the drying up of the carpet you need to mop it up once more with the vacuum cleaner for puffing it up and giving it an invigorated look alongside picking the dust particles up loosened during the course of cleaning.
  10. Apply carpet protector which in essence will protect the carpets from soaking the stains deep inside it and expedite carpet cleaning next time.

Like all other chores at your home carpet cleaning exercise too must be taken up at regular intervals with a view to give your carpets a stunning look always. After all a good looking home from outside as well as inside imbibes positivities into its dwellers’ mind which is no less precious to long for.

Did you get the message? No? It’s because the title appears somewhat like a riddle. Here clean-machine represents the machine that’s entrusted with cleaning the environment around you and me at our homes – just like the time-machine which keeps the timing on and off between the past and the future. Doesn’t this sound very interesting?

‘m actually about to talk about the ways and means for keeping your vacuum cleaner clean. Hope it’s clear enough beyond the doubt. But, you know what at times doing the simple chores like can take your guts out particularly when you have a little knowledge or no knowledge about cleaning a vacuum cleaner which itself cleans the world around us. Now, how to go about it?

Before we jump into the discussion of ways and means to keep your vacuum cleaner clean let’s try to understand what essentially a vacuum cleaner stands for and how it cleans the environment around us at our homes. The understanding of these issues here will help us correlate with the steps to be taken us in keeping this machine clean alongside forming a clear conception about how to get the machine cleaned when needed.

What is a vacuum cleaner and how does it function?

A vacuum cleaner can at best be described as a device that creates somewhat vacuum or we can say partial vacuum with the help of a air pump inside the hose pipe attached to it thereby sucks dust particles into it which is then stocked in a bag popularly known as vacuum cleaner bag attached to the other end of the said hose pipe. A vacuum cleaner can suck dust particles or other dirt into it from the floors, walls, carpets, sofa and any other object through and with the help of specialized heads that can be attached to the open end of the hose pipe as per your requirement.

If we don’t maintain the vacuum cleaner clean, then what?

The proposition itself sounds to me as if we don’t brush our teeth and still asking then what, which in effect connotes something absurd. Why? We all know that if we don’t brush our teeth and we continue to eat as we wish very soon than not we land up in troubles such as tooth ache, gum pains and / or bleeding from the gums what not with a free bad breath (!!!). I sincerely hope that I could make a point through and with the help of this example with regard to the necessity of cleaning our vacuum clean regularly.

Cleaning exercise for every machine is necessary as it increases its life span alongside maintaining its efficiency level in terms of energy consumption as well as the tasking ability for which it was made. Additionally a little care about the machine effectively appreciates the value for your money spent on it by way of the longevity of the machine over the years followed by less of running cum maintenance costs. Isn’t it goo to take a little taxing job such as cleaning your machine in hand?

 How to go about cleaning your vacuum cleaner?     

I doubt there could barely be any uniform practice or procedure to keep your vacuum cleaner cleaned on daily basis even though the basics in this remain the same with a common purpose to serve; i.e., keeping the vacuum cleaner clean. Let’s break down to points so as to understand the blanket process of vacuum cleaner cleaning. Deviations, if any, in this have to be taken as exceptions to the prevailing practices and therefore must be construed as the exception that supports the rule as they say exception proves the rule.

  1. Your vacuum cleaner doesn’t require much of your attention, time and energy towards its maintenance; rather looks for a bit of it for the smooth functioning and effective cleaning. This in turn puts you in advantage by reducing the costs and frequency of repairs alongside appreciating the value of your money that you had originally spent on it while owning it. The first and foremost step involves in unplugging your machine from the board before resorting to the act of cleaning it. It is very much necessary for your own safety while cleaning the machine.
  2. Checking the collection bag alias the vacuum cleaner bag regularly with regard to its emptiness failing which you will be toiling more as well as consuming more electrical power for the machine on run whereas the quality of cleaning will go down alongside putting additional load on the motor of your vacuum cleaner. This simply reduces the machine performance alongside life expectancy of the machine.

Detection of emptiness of the bag from outside is not very tough. All that you need to do is simply open up your machine press the bag lightly so as to feel the actual position of the bag with regard to its emptiness.

Alternatively you can be observant about the quality of cleaning the machine is doing on its deployment on floors or walls or wherever you apply it for cleaning. Id dust particles are still found to be there on the floor or wall or the place of your application it indicates that your cleaner bag by all probability is filled up or nearing to exhaust thereby putting additional pressure on the motor cum air pump of the vacuum cleaner. This must be avoided at any cost. They say a stitch in time saves nine. Be proactive rather than becoming reactive.

  1. It is generally advisable to replace the cleaner bag whenever you feel like it’s half filled or at least one third of it has been filled up. Simultaneously a check on the correct bag size and its attachment with the machine through and with the help of clips is working seamlessly. This ushers to the optimum performance of the machine. With regard to the size of the cleaner bag you can always refer to the manufacturers guide or else ask your nearby seller on the same who will be able to guide you based on the manufacturer and make such as model name and number etc.
  2. There are vacuum cleaners that use bin trays in lieu of disposable or reusable cleaner bags. In case of machines equipped with bin trays you have to keep the bin trays cleaned regularly for the optimal performance of the machine in terms of cleaning as well as energy efficiency and longevity. In such a case you will see that bin trays can actually pop out very easily for the sole purpose of cleaning it.
  3. Clean the heads used at the open end of the hose pipe which too contribute to the optimal performance of your machine. Hence cleaning of heads regularly is equally desirable.
  4. Cleaning the brush roll alias beater bar which is essentially a spinning brush beneath the machine therefore becomes mandatory too. For cleaning the same you may be required to remove the bottom plate of the machine and clean the brush roll delicately. Onus to mention here that you don’t require cleaning the brush roll spotlessly as it will not be in direct contact with the floors or walls on which you apply your vacuum cleaner.
  5. Clean and lubricate the bearings on the brush roll. It helps functioning the brush roll effectively.
  6. Clean debris accumulations inside the hose pipe, brush roll housing or in any other parts of your vacuum cleaner.
  7. Replace spare parts if you find any of them malfunctioning. This will sustain the machine life alongside its performance.
  8. If you have a wet-dry vacuum cleaner please empty the bin regularly with a view to avoid rusts followed by clean or replace the filter at a regular interval and tae knowledge about picking up liquids beforehand.

Nothing contained herein above is exhaustive even though it will surely work as a blanket guideline for taking care of your vacuum cleaner and help you enjoy more hassle free life. Have a happy cleaning!!!

Sometimes, a hand-held vacuum cleaner is not enough for your home’s needs. And you may not like the idea of buying one vacuum trash bag after another, or you may have allergies that may prevent you from handling such materials. If such is the case, then what you need is an upright bagless vacuum cleaner. We heartily recommend the Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor bagless vacuum cleaner

The DC33 is a marvel of technology, with superior vacuum pressure power, and with accessories that can help expand its use. And at 17.6 lbs., it is lightweight enough that you can take it anywhere. No need to worry about finding the nearest power outlet because this baby has has a 35-foot power cord. Combined with an extended telescope reach wand, you can vacuum up to more than 50 feet away from any power outlet.

Here are more details and information about the DC33 that will definitely help you with your buying decision

Dyson dc33.


The DC33 can be used on many kinds of floors (hence the name), tile, vinyl, and wood. It can also be used on carpet.

At the very center of the DC33’s superior performance is Dyson’s patented Root Cyclone Technology, which can create a powerful suction force. The Cyclone mechanism will then deposit all the dirt it can get directly into the canister. No need for a bag, all you will have to do is deposit the contents of the canister into the nearest trash bin. This technology can capture particles down to a half-micron in size, without any loss of vacuum pressure.

Another important design component is the HEPA filter, which captures all possible allergenic particles in the exit vent. This will prevent you from getting asthma & allergy attacks while you are cleaning your place up. Even better, regular cleaning will also minimize allergenic substances in your house. Pollen, mold, spores, and dust mites are all easy prey for the DC33. And the filter is washable, so you do not need to buy a new one.

The DC33 is practically a self-contained cleaning machine that does not need replacement bags, filters, or belts.

Some people have reported that it tends to fall over when the owner is reaching for high places. The solution to that is simple: find a nearer outlet, or, if you have to, buy an extension cord, so you can position the vacuum cleaner closer to you, and you will then be able to extend the telescopic wand higher.


The DC33 is made of tough polycarbonate, so short of intentionally trying to break it, you should have no problem with lifelong use. However, do remember that maintenance is also important – after cleaning your house, you should also clean your vacuum cleaner, check the manual on how this can be done.


Suction power of the DC33 is rated at a constant 240 Air Watts, or almost a third of a horsepower. That is practically the strength of some smaller air conditioners.

The clear bin that functions as its trash and dust depository can hold up to two-thirds of a gallon of dirt.


Just like any vacuum cleaner, the DC33 has many useful accessories that can expand its usefulness. For exampledyson dc33 parts

  • Telescoping reach wand : This tool extends almost 15 feet, and is easy to assemble and attach to the DC33. It has been redesigned from the older model to give an extra 4 inches of reach, for all those high places you would like to clean up This comes with the vacuum cleaner.
  • On-board accessory tool : this is a combination custom tool that can be stored on the vacuum cleaner itself
  • angle-free turbine tool : If you have had problems with the carpet, then this accessory is what you need. You can order it from Dyson, or from online and real-world shops that carry Dyson appliances, parts, and accessories.
  • Asthma & allergy kit : These new enhancement tools are designed to get to hard-to-reach places, and are particularly suited to removing allergenic particles. These sets are available through Dyson carriers.
  • Flexi crevice tool : having problems with tight spaces and corners you cannot reach, this bendable brush attachment will be able to help you remove dust and dirt from places you cannot see clearly.
  • Pet grooming and clean-up accessories : Dyson knows how important our companions are to us, and they have a range of add-on devices that can adapt the DC33 to keeping your pets clean.
  • Soft dusting brush : if you have items like lamps and canvass dividers, you might want to buy one of these, so you will not damage them. This tool is perfect for dealing with antique or vintage furniture.
  • Stiff bristle brush : If your kid has left mud tracks in the kitchen after a soccer game, then this is the perfect tool to address stubborn, clingy dirt.

Do note that there are many more accessories available. And all of them can answer your housecleaning needs. You do not have to buy them all, as the generic wand can handle most cleaning issues. However, it would not hurt to get a few of the more needed accessories. Many of the complaints online for the DC33 happens when people want a specific cleaning job done – but have not bought the accessory for it. Do not make the same mistake. Maximize your DC33.


Originally priced from $350 to $400, prices have sufficiently gone down that you can find one for $300 or even less. Do note that some real-world and online stores may offer different package options for the DC33, or decide to include some of the add-on accessories as part of a cleaning package. If such is the case, a higher price may actually be worth it.

Customer Service

You can contact Dyson through their website, but do make sure that if you buy it online, that the warranty is good. Dyson vacuum cleaners have warranties worth five years, and that comes with free parts and labor.


If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t require you to periodically buy new trash bags or filters, and still gives you the choice of many accessories that can expand its functions or make it more useful to your home environment, then don’t hesitate to buy a Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor vacuum cleaner

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 Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is one of the most important machines today. As the name suggests, an air conditioner is useful for keeping the air in a particular environment within a certain temperature range. The temperature of the air that is circulating around the room accounts for the temperature that will be present in the room. Therefore, the alteration of the temperature of the air results in the ultimate alteration of the temperature of the entire room. Its wide usage has continued to make it one of the most inventions of engineering today. That is why it is used in many ways including controlling the temperatures of a home, office block or in factories where the temperature of the working environment has to be kept within a certain range. Although air conditioners are this important, they are not different from any engineering machinery in as far as encountering problems is concerned. Therefore, it may not be surprising to come across an air conditioner that has failed to function according to its expectations or one that has failed to function at all. What are some of the commonest problems that are faced by air conditioners?

The air conditioner will not start or turn on

This is one of the commonest problems that are encountered by many owners of air conditioners. Most owners have reported this problem while suggesting the would-be causes such as lack of power supply or perhaps worn out internal wiring. However, the problem is usually caused by the failure of the operator to properly set the heat and cool modes depending on the temperature of the room. If the conditioner was not turned off and left in the heat or cool modes, it will not start for as long as the temperature of the room is above the temperature of the room. In general, it is important to always inspect the thermostat settings when you see that your air conditioner will not turn on.

Check the fuse or the machine’s circuit breaker

There are instances when the conditioner fails to turn on because its fuse has been blown or the circuit breaker has opened the circuit. If this is the case, you are also advised to check your circuit breaker or fuse in case of any irregularities. If the fuse has blown, you are immediately advised to replace it as soon as you can. Make sure you that your new replacement has the correct fuse rating to avoid any further damage. Circuit breakers only open the circuit in order to prevent the damage of the appliance when a much larger current has been generated due to a short circuit.

Sometimes the air vents may malfunction resulting in poor air flow

This is also very common and has been reported by many owners of air conditioners. Malfunctioning air vents usually leads to poor flow of air. The worst result of this would be the air conditioner failing to control temperatures as much as it should. Poor flow of air means that the change in the temperature of the room will only change after a much longer time has passed and sometimes may not even change at all. The malfunction of air vents may be due to the air conditioner having filters that are dirty. Sometimes this may also result from the air conditioner having ducts that are blocked or not properly connected.

Malfunctioning condensing unit

There are instances where the condensing unit has failed to function properly. A good number of owners may have encountered this problem if they have not taken their time to inspect their condensing unit. This is usually the case if the air conditioner is too big for your house. As a result, the system will only be able to get rid of the humidity after a much longer time has gone by. In most cases, the unit will be forced to turn on and off at various intervals in response to the degree of humidity in the room.

small house

Creating storage space in a small room is usually is a very tedious task and often challenging. For this reason, a good number of factors have to be taken into account before any measures to create more space in the room can be put in place. The truth of the matter is that your room is small and you actually need more space in it. Therefore, what you have to do may not go far beyond rearranging your items or removing some of them. As a matter of fact, there are only a few questions that you have to ask yourself. One of the most important questions to ask is; how much space would you be able to create? Once you have asked this question, the next thing to do is to begin identifying the items in your room that are worth keeping and those that are not. If you want, you can list down all the items in the house to be fully aware of the total number of items that you actually possess. In case this is turns out to be a more tedious task to perform, you can count your items on a weekly basis. In this way, you will be more accurate and your counting will be more convenient.

Identify what is worth keeping and what is not

Now you actually know the total number of items in your small room and if you had tried the method of counting your items on a weekly basis, then you will probably not have any issues with the counting task. After you have managed to take note of the total number of items that you have in the room, you will have to single out a few items that are worth keeping and those that are not. In short, you have to make sure that you classify the items in accordance to their value to you. This task usually requires a strong character and discipline because most people usually end up choosing wrong items. Nonetheless, the items are all yours and the pain of not having to keep the most important ones will be felt by no other person but you. Doing this is always necessary if you have no choice but to get rid of some of the items in order to create more space. It is important to always seek alternatives to the idea of getting rid of some items. This is particularly because in some situations, you may have items that are still too important to be discarded.

Make good use of the upper space

Make use of the upper space as much as possible. In most cases, the upper space is usually much bigger than the space at the bottom because it does not take a lot of items. Therefore, it is usually the best for storage. If there are possibilities of using the upper space as much as you can, then do not hesitate to do so. For example, you can take your time to create shelves and also include a good number of hangers for items that can be hanged. In this way, you will be saving enough space for items that cannot fit into the shelves.

Separate the big items from the small ones

Apart from making use of the upper space, you can take advantage of the fact that it is not proper for the small items to actually coexist with the big items. This is because the combination of the big and small items usually leads to taking up more space than would be taking up if the small and large items were stored independently. For this reason, it is always advisable to keep the small items in storage areas where they actually belong. The aspect of creating shelves that has been indicated above is one of the best ways of taking care of the small items. It is quite easy to store small items in shelves. On the other hand, hanging the small items that can be hanged is also a brilliant idea. The big items can take up the remaining space after the small ones have been put in the shelves.