Knives are one of the most regularly used tools, especially in the kitchen or anywhere else for everyday use. Many of us use knives aggressively but often miss out the most important aspect, to improve its efficiency, which basically means to sharpen it.

Many cooks and other similar professionals who use knives for most of their woks complain about its dullness or experience blunt times over due course of time. This is mainly because the blade needs to be sharpening after some point of time.

knife sharpening

Sharpen the blunt knives

Dull knives besides being useless may be dangerous to the cooks and often give the wrong cut Chances are, you might cut your finger, if you are applying too much force using a blunt knife. Many people often use knives in a hurry and are unaware of the process of sharpening the knife. To get most of your knife and ensure that it is always in its sharpest condition, it is crucial to know how to sharpen a knife which may need the use of specific objects to ensure safe and quality hone of your special knife.

Here are some methods to help you sharpen the knives conveniently without any hazards or injuries.

1)      A Whetting Stone

This is one of the least expensive, yet most effective tools used for knife honing. Sometimes even if you have this at home, you are likely to forget using it. Those who do not have a whetting stone, can purchase it from a hardware store for few dollars.

A whetting stone is rectangular and often looks like a brick. It has two side of different texture. A rough and a smooth side. Experts would recommend rubbing it very lightly using some oil. After use, it should be preferably stored in a tight compartment to protect it from dust and ensure its consistent sharpening ability.

How to use the whetting stone

1)      Place the stone on a rough surface with the rough side on top.

2)      Run the knife on the whetting stone at least 10 times at an angle of 22 degrees. Then, turn the knife and sharpen the other side following the same procedure.

3)      Repeat this step twice for the best effect.

Whetting stones are a basic type and other sophisticated tools to sharpen the knife. These are widely available in the market. Objects like electric sharpeners are highly advanced and cost much more than the simple whetting stone.

Using a sharpening steel

Whichever method one uses to sharpen the knife, it is imperative to complete the job by honing the blade with a stainless steel. This can be easily done by running the knife of the edge of stainless steel. This is useful for removing rough edges after sharpening the knife with the stone.


To ensure durability of knife, especially in terms of the shape, these objects need to be sharpened at least once a month. A well maintained sharp knife will be durable for many years for safe kitchen and culinary purpose.

Some important considerations for sharpening different materials

  • Stainless steel knives are sleek but that does not mean they have the perfect edge. The metal is the blade is soft and thus this material needs to be sharpening every time you use it. Fine and delicate cuts are only effective after immediate sharpening.

High carbon steel has the best knife edge and may not require daily or frequent sharpening. However these knives need to be washed and dried everyday and should not be left open in water. Sharpening requires great attention as they are very easy to rust. The blade has to be polished before use; otherwise it is likely to stain you kitchen areas including your sharpening tool.

  • Knives which are made of very high carbon steel with a straight blade last the longest and give the best cutting edge for detailed objects. Such objects can be sharpened by exposing the carbon filament.  Stropping the lade in the leather may sometimes get tricky, so a safe whetting stone can be preferably used.

Rushing for sharpening the knife is the most ineffective method and this will leave you in doubt no matter how many times you try to sharpen the knifes. For the best outcome, you can use a hand knife sharpener which is used by professional butchers and is totally inexpensive.

Advanced bench grinders and electrical tools are some sophisticated methods of sharpening the knife. This need to be very carefully used as they are extremely powerful and heat up the knife too quickly. One should know how the exact procedure to use this tools otherwise; fatal accidents are most likely to occur.

Sharpening a knife does not require high technical skills but one need to remember for sure that it requires basic precision and the right material to sharpen the tool for the appropriate outcome. Also considering the frequency of sharpening the knife is very important. To less or more of sharpening is likely to degrade the knife’s performance.

The best way to sharpen the knife is to know the frequency of the knife usage and the different purpose for which you will use it. The material of your knife and the destiny of the cutting object you are using the knife for is another set of important consideration. The best way to sharpen a knife is to gradually move from one equipment to the other. A whetting stone is best for the start followed by a sharpening blade and later and electrical equipment. If you think you are good to use the basic material, there is no need of moving to an advanced method, unless you are highly recommended by someone and you consider that the sharpening method will be effective and safe without causing any fatal accidents. In any case avoiding sharpening a knife is not an option. Sharpening a knife is always a must to ensure best durability without experiencing bluntness.

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