A Complete Guide For Brewing With Commercial Espresso Machines

A cup of delight:

For many people coffee is just another cup of coffee, a refreshment to take once or twice a day. But for few people coffee is not just a cup of refreshment, it is the taste of their personalities. Some people really have a very fine taste for coffee and they do not like to compromise it at any cost. These people will pay a few bucks more to get a cup of steaming coffee of their choice and taste. The taste of coffee for different people is always different. It is very rare that two people will share the exact same taste for coffee, may be very slight, but there will be a difference. This centuries old refreshment has created a major place for itself in people’s life.

With the flow of time:

With time the process of brewing coffee has changed tremendously. In previous times one cup of coffee took around 5 minutes to brew, but if it was the same in today’s world, it would have been very difficult for the cafe all around the world to keep their customers happy while keeping them from their busy schedule. But with the help of latest technology, today you can get the finest cup of coffee at your favorite cafe in no time. Your coffee is ready as soon as you order it. The reduction of time in brewing is not compensated with the taste, but in reality the taste has actually increased due to the various technologies being used to treat the coffee beans in different ways.

The ultimate taste:

If we talk about different types of coffee, then there is nothing better than a traditional espresso. The espresso is the purest form of distilled coffee that you can get anywhere. If you look back in time you will be able to see that espresso was the first instant coffee in the history. Many people confuse espresso with the roasted beans available in the market with the name of espresso roast. But actually the famous espresso is nothing but a method of coffee brewing. Espresso is the method by which the world famous instant coffee is brewed.

One cup espresso please!

For preparing an espresso cup, hot water is forced on coffee with extremely high pressure. This process gives a very concentrated form of coffee. This famous coffee type takes the best of the machinery to give out best of the taste. The machines used in brewing espresso have also changed a lot since the first time it was built and used.

The taste of centuries:

It all started in Europe. Europe was very much into the business of coffee in 19th century. People were fond of coffee at that time as they are today, but he only problem was that it took too much time for a cup of coffee to be ready. As the business was flourishing the European businessmen took it as a flying opportunity and started finding new ways to decrease the time taken in the process of coffee brewing. The first man to get the first patent for an espresso machine was Angelo Moriondo, of Italy. He started the tradition for a much faster and steam brewed coffee. The machine created by him was a simple machine to mix water and steam. The next credit goes to two men who made it easy to brew the espresso with a single and much simpler machine. Luigi Bezzerra and Desiderio Pavoni were the people who made some improvements to the machine created by Angelo. With passing time and developing technologies the form and size of the machines have considerably changed.

The coffee for today:

In last few decades the consumption of coffee, especially espresso has increased considerably around the world. While walking along a market street of any city you will see one coffee shop after every few steps. The espresso has made its place from bookstore to expensive places like Starbuck. You can easily find a drive through espresso shops after a small distance. Or you can enjoy your espresso in the parking lot itself. The coffee makers are making all their efforts to make your best taste reach your tongue.

Today espresso machines are not just limited to the cafes; the coffee loving people take the machine to their homes to get the fabulous taste each and every day without going out. With the help of latest technology the size of the machine has reduced considerably as compared to the previous ones.

The espresso machine:

In an espresso machine the most essential things to take care of are the pressure of the water, temperature, and fineness of coffee. The process of making an espresso involves:

  • The forcing in of hot water on the coffee from a sealed container.
  • A proper commercial espresso machine involves a pump, through reservoir, that contains the cold water; this part of the machine is removable.
  • Then there is a pump in the machine which does the task of taking out water from the reservoir and drops it into the heating chamber of the machine.
  • In a heating chamber a heating element is present to heat the water. There is a Port-filter present in the machine in which the ground coffee is kept. It is removable so that every time coffee can be placed in it.
  • Another thing that is contained in an espresso machine is a steam wand. This wand helps to froth the milk for coffee.

It is true that with a good espresso machine you will get a very good cup of espresso. But just using the machine is not the end of the story. These kinds of machines are very expensive and cannot be purchased every now and then. It is very important to take a very good care of this amazing taste creator. You need to follow some simple tips to keep the espresso machine for longer. To clean the espresso machine it is recommended to clean it with the best espresso machine cleaner. Keep the frothing wand clear by removing it from the machine from time to time. The most important place to clean is the brew head of the machine.

You can get the best of your taste, all that is needed is some technology and some care.

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