People who use juicers experience quite a few problems. The whole juicing thing is time consuming. Which kind of discourages people from juicing all together, and they miss out on all the benefits. You will need to do a lot of prepping in order to be able to begin the juicing process. Setting aside the vegetables or fruits as well as ridding them of unwanted seeds and stems

Another problem with juicers is that they remove the fiber from the fruits and vegetables. This actually becomes a problem when you turn to juices as a viable replacement to actual food. The mess that accumulates in your juicer is also another problem, as you will need to spend some more time in cleaning your juicer after you have used it. If you’ve been experiencing these juicing woes, look into the Nutribullet System

Brought to you by Magic Bullet, Nutribullet is a compact juice extractor that breaks down ingredients such as fruits and vegetables to its core to give you nutritious and healthy smoothies

The process by which Nutribullet “Nutri Bullet NBR-12 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System” makes smoothies is by effectively grinding and liquefying fruits and vegetables better than most expensive juicers and blenders. This is made possible by its use of two different blades


The extractor blade

is the main weapon. The extractor blade chops up and pulverizes fruits and vegetable so effectively that you will no longer have to prep your ingredients before adding them into the base of the juice extractor, all you have to do is wash your fruits and vegetables, no need for peeling or removing stems or seeds

The cyclone blade

This is specifically used to grind harder ingredients such as almonds and nuts into flour-like consistency or powder form. There are 2 glasses that come with this amazing product that gives you 2 choices for the size of the smoothie that you wish to make. This is a great way to

ensure that you do not waste any of your ingredients so that you save them for future use. The glasses also come with lids that seal them for when you want to refrigerate your smoothies

 Advantages of Nutribullet

The ultimate smoothie maker, this unique juicer presents many advantages for its users to benefit from. Let’s go over them


Nutri bullet is more affordable than other juicer and blenders that range up to $500. These juicers and blenders do not even come close to liquefying fruits and blenders as effective as this one. The total cost of this amazing extractor sums up to a total of $100. That is five times cheaper than other juicers and blenders

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The ability of this product to liquefy fruits and vegetables into smoothies is an attribute to its 600 watt motor, which presents its users with more health benefits. This is due to the fact that the product is so powerful in its ability to liquefy fruits and vegetables that the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins are extracted and combined in each smoothie


It has compact size with the dimensions 12.9 x 9 x 13 inches. This allows for easier storage in smaller kitchens, whereas other juicers and blenders seem to take up too much unnecessary space. You will be able to store more essential appliances in your kitchen such as a toaster or a microwave


Since this juicer absolutely grinds and liquefies fruits, vegetable, and other ingredients into liquid and powder for, cleaning it will be an easy task. You will not have to spend a lot of time scrubbing and cleaning this juice

extractor as all you will need to do is place all of its parts in a dishwasher.  The blade holder can be cleaned by hand washing it with soap and warm water. The power base must be unplugged and does not require any cleaning


People spend countless minutes prepping their ingredients when they use juicers and blenders. According to nutribullet reviews , this juicer eliminates that hassle, as users may simply put their fruits and vegetables directly into its power base and proceed to use the machine. They need not spend time cutting skin and stems from the various fruits and veggies


Making a smoothie will be a tremendously fast process that users will be able to make more smoothies for their families and friends in just a few minutes depending on the ingredients added to the base. The 600 watts of power that this product runs on is that powerful

 There are also some blenders which are more efficient than Nutri-bullet like: Vitamix 750 , Vitamix 6300 and Vitamix 5200


Owning a juicer like this one gives you the freedom of being able to travel with it. Once again, the Nutribullet is a compact product with the

dimensions 12.9 x 9 x 13, which allows it to be stored in most luggages. You will be able to remain healthy wherever you are


When you own a Nutribullet, you will have more time on your side to accomplish more things in the day than you ever had by using a juicer or a blender. You will also save up on your ingredients for future use or for more volume

You are also getting the full health benefits from each fruit and vegetable that you use. This will prolong your life as you are adding more and more nutrients and vitamins in your system with every smoothie that you drink. Maintaining this appliance is also extremely easy. These facts are simply more than enough to convince just about anyone that getting a juicer like this is one of the best decisions that they will ever make

Based on numerous nutribullet reviews, this appliance is relatively cheaper than high-end brands such as Vitamix and Blendtec. Despite the price difference, the quality of output delivered by This juicer is just as excellent as those produced by both Blendtec and Vitamix. Why splurge then you can save without having to sacrifice quality product and consistently superior finished products from Nutribullet? Obviously, this juicer is the choice of discerning and yet practical individuals. Experience freshness of food and optimal health with Nutribullet food extractor

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