The Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System is a single-cup home-brewing system that takes all the mess out of brewing your favorite cup of coffee. In the past, people had to learn how to get the taste they wanted from their own home brewing systems, just for the simple fact that no two coffee brewers would deliver the same mix, because of so many factors that could affect the process.

And that is where the K-Cup system comes in. K-cups are sealed ingredients for a cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa – and the home brewing system is designed to deliver hot water at the right pressure and temperature so that the perfect concoction will always come out. You will never have to guess or “get used” to your coffee maker again. With Keurig K-Cup systems, like the K75, all you need for a perfect cup of coffee is a K-Cup flavor of your choice, your mug or cup, some hot water, and the K75.

So, how does the K75 really stand up against other similar products in the market? Let us find out!

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The K75 is meant to be a fast one-cup brewer with minimum controls – perfect if you really need your caffeine jolt as fast as possible. And given how the K-Cup system can make this process even faster, this coffee maker is practically a “plug and play” kitchen appliance. Setting it up the first time is a breeze, and there is minimal noise when it is in operation. It can heat water to a higher temperature. Because of that improvement, it can brew faster than earlier models. It can accommodate five different cup capacities, so it should be able to fill any size of cup in general – as long as it can fit in the receptacle area.

Given that, it is important to remember that this is a one-cup brewing unit. If there are many coffee lovers in the house or office, that will mean they will still have to stand in line. On the other hand, people will be able to choose their individual coffee flavors, thanks to the K-cup system.


Although the K75 comes with a one-year limited warranty (though this may change, depending on where you bought it), the K75 is a workhorse, and has been known to last for up to five years. However, it is important that you do take into account that it uses hot water to brew coffee. Do read the manual on how to properly maintain it, and do so regularly. That way, you can avoid early-onset performance issues that can and will crop up, particularly if you do like to drink coffee regularly, or are a connoisseur for coffee, tea and hot cocoa.


Even if the K75 is a single-brew coffeemaker that uses the K-cup system, it can still be surprisingly versatile. While it is true that it can only service one cup of coffee at a time, the K75’s water reservoir can hold around ten cups’ worth of water. And, as mentioned before, it can handle five different cup capacities (4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces). If you are using a much larger cup or mug, all you have to do is remove the drip tray to accommodate the larger size.


If you consider the K-cup system as part of the accessories, then you are in luck, indeed. There are over 200 flavors available as K-cups, with brands ranging from Tully’s to Swiss Miss, and from Starbucks to Twinings. You can buy them as single-flavor packs, or you can go for a sampler pack, so you can taste various kinds of coffee and other drinks.

Aside from drink mixes, you can also buy K-cup holders and storage solutions. And if you have your own coffee mix, you should buy your own reusable filter cup. The K-75 comes with one reusable filter cup, but if you want more, at least you can buy it from Keurig itself.

If you want milk with your drink, then you can buy the brother appliance, a milk frother. A descaling solution is available for maintenance rounds, too. You can also buy replacement water filters, drip trays and water reservoirs.

Finally, a line of official cups and drink containers can be used with the K75.


The original retail price was practically $180, but if you do some research, you may be able to get a K75 for as low as $140, or even lower, online. Given the ease of use and the variety of K-cup flavors available, it should be a no-brainer to buy one of these. It is not recommended, though, that you buy a second-hand unit.

Do remember that you should have a regular maintenance schedule if you want it to outlast the warranty by a fair margin.

Customer Service

Keurig’s website has a customer service page, so you can inquire with them directly if you are having issues with your unit. You should also check to see if the store you bought it from has a return policy, just in case.

However, frequent use within a short amount of time and minimal maintenance may affect service lifetime – it may be necessary to replace the unit, rather than repair it. Again, do contact Keurig or the store to see what your options are.


The Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing system is a superior coffeemaker, and definitely is a positive addition to any household or small office. Although the K-cup system may seem awkward at first, once you get used to the idea, it becomes even more comfortable to use, as you can find your perfect mix from the more than 200 coffee and drink options, or you can use the reusable filter cup for your very own secret mix.

Because the K75 is a high-tech device, it is expected that it needs a proper maintenance routine (we cannot stress that enough). Many of the complaints about its performance have probably come from minimal or nonexistent maintenance schedules. If you treat your K75 well, then expect quite a few good years of excellent brewing from it.

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