Bowie knives are the unique trend s setters of the sharpest hunting and camping cutting tools since the ancient times. Today a large variety is available in the market and so it might get confusing to choose the most appropriate knives.  To get the best out of the hundred varieties available in the market, it wise to understand some crucial facts and considerations before you opt to choose your bowie knife.

The captivating bow knife invention

When the bowie knife was first introduced, it was perfectly designed as combination of a knife and a sword. It could be used for all household chores and at the same time strike a person while fighting.

Following the similar pattern, bowie knives have a 6 inches thick and long blade, which make it durable and much stronger equipment than a regular pocket knife. The special name to these knives is give from its founding designer- James Bowie who originally designed this knife as a curve blade to make it suitable for attacking the opponent and a utility knife to be used for various odd jobs. Today, these knives are available in various sizes and modified shaped, but its traditional clip point blade is still maintained, true to its original design. This clip point was the unique quality of the bowie knife which rendered it a quality of a fighting knife. Today this special feature is used in many variations from designing wooden products to multi-utility camping purpose.

The bowie knife is extensively used for hunting in the wilderness. Its considerable big size is not just for flaunting it in the pocket, but is very effective when you strike. Surprisingly, this medium sized dagger is also used for woodcutting, hunting or striking fire from the flint. With the passage of time, bowie knives have considerably changed in design to provide the best to the evolving user.

Here are some essential considerations to know exactly the right Bowie knife is for you:

1)      Carbon/Stainless Steel

The first bowie knife was designing for deep striking and slashing. Thus a sharp blade which could penetrate well was the key requirement. For all these years, where the bowie knife is still popular in the market, durability and intensity of the object are of great importance. Earlier all knives were made of carbon steel however, with the advancement of technology, today many bowie knives are made of stainless steel which have an edge over the carbon steel knives. The Bowie blade usage is often rough and carbon or a stainless steel works the best. The carbon steel however has a tendency to rust, although durability and sharpness are its special features.

2)      Long/ Short Blade

Another crucial consideration is the size of the blade. Large knives like those seen in Rambo films are catchy, but today the usage of the bowie knife will help you determine the right size. For instance, larger knives are useful for cutting wood and clearing weeds; whereas shorter blades are handy for chopping meat. This means the right size of knife is largely depend on the principal reason of using the knife.

3)      Long/ Short Length

The first bowie knife was up to 10 inches long and some varieties are available in the same length even today. Knives not intended to fit in the pocket are always longer than 5 inches. Bowie knives are not meant for home use and therefore are mostly large sized. A durable knife is a thick and long one, which is meant for heavy usage. Small bowie knives may be attractive but are rarely long-lasting.

Some Best Bowie Knives

Here are some popular and quality Bowie knives you may want to but after understanding some of its essential features and uses.

Fixed Blade Knife

A fixed blade knife is popular among special campaigners and rangers. These are mostly made in stainless steel which makes it more durable as it’s less likely to rust than the stainless steel. The tip point of the fixed blade knife is very sharp which is advantageous for activities like hunting or crafting word carvings. This knife has a nylon sheath and strong straps which can be tied around the belt or the leg. Its stainless steel material. Its fixed blade bowie knife makes it more resistant to catch fire and is for best use for outdoor purpose. In genera, this knife can be used extensively for hunting and camping.

Ka-Bar Bowie Knife

This is definitely a killer knife designed with carbon steel and thicker balde, which renders more strength to the blade.  This is one of the best knives in terms of thriving in the market since the ancient days.  Surprisingly this knife is light in weight and provides a very good grip to ensure no slipping. Despite this, Ka- Bar is best suited for heavy usage and its special hook provides a good grip for continuous chopping.

Cold Steel Bowie Knife

These knives have thicker blades and are around 12 inches in length, thus qualifying as one of the longest blades. These bowie knives are made in made in San Mai steel from Japan and are thus highly durable. Cold steel knives are commonly used in the wilderness and have a sporty finish with a stainless steel material. A strong grip of this type of knife is favorable for using for camping and heavy outdoor work.

Damascus Bowie Knife

This is a unique bowie knife, which is mainly used for crafting purposes. It usually comes in the length of 11 inches and more emphasis is on the design. The look of the knife renders it a classy feel. Strikingly, this not a delicate toll but is sturdy to use as it is made of durable steel. It is made of the special damscus steel with 250 layers. The knife is available in the market with a leather sheath which renders an ancient look.

A large variety of bowie knives are available in the market, but a thorough understanding of what exactly is the real bowie knife, while help you considerably to buy the most appropriate one for your main purpose- be it a domestic, hunting or simply to flaunt one at home.

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