Gerber Knives Company that started as simple designers of kitchen knives by the Gerber Legendary family today manufactures thousands of sophisticated knives for multiple-uses. The company, which is today over 70 years old, has left no room for missing out on special knife designs. Moving beyond the kitchen, the Gerber range of knives is truly unimaginable- travel, defense, rescue, repairs are some popular functions of the legendary knives.  Gerber knives are those quality knives which are surely no compromise, anywhere you use them, especially for highly for all sorts’ emergency situations.

Here are the top 6 Gerber Knives which are world-famous as the best sturdy knives with striking features and unique qualities.

1)    The Mighty Gerber Guardian for Self Defense

This is a blade knife, perfectly sharp as the name suggests, best for self-defense. The sleek knife is black in color and is made of a non-reflective stainless steel, which is sure to give a deep cut.  It is light in weight and small-sized. These two striking features make the Gerber Guardian easy to carry and fast to alert the opponent.   This product of the legendary Gerber comes with a protective sheath to help you adjust tension to suit your striking style. The compatible knife can be clipped to a belt, boot or a strap and makes one feel so boldly protected.

Some special highlights of this mighty protection knife are:

  • Non-reflective black coating
  • Double-edge blade
  • Adjustable Sheath
  • Portable
  •  Suitable for businesspersons, women or any one traveling to secluded and unsafe places.

2)    Gerber Folding Knives, the travelers pride

These knifes are specifically designed to add comfort and durability for heavy works. These folding knives have a non-slippery handle made in rubber which gives it a strong grip, especially when your hands are wet. The blades are are made in titanium and come with a robust nylon sheath.  These knives are for multipurpose use and a hot favorite of frequent travelers. Mountaineers, bikers, sport fishers love the folding knife to the core.

Some of its special features include:

  • Light weight and mid-sized
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Rough texture provides good grip when wet
  • A straight combo blade provides great cutting versatility

3)    Gerber Assisted Opening Knife, sturdy for eternity

The assisted knife follows an opening and lock mechanism which makes it so easy to use and completely safe. The Gerber assisted opening knife is so sturdy, that it can help you do very big jobs like repair works in your garage or an critical rescue operation on the mountain top. This is mainly a fast knife, which will enable you to take up any challenge on the go. Its blade opening tactics is patented by F.A.S.T and is as easy as opening with one hand.  This knife essentially makes for quick and efficient cuts with its stainless steel blade and is world renowned as the”fast technology” since its invention.

This spring-assisted knife has some striking features such as:

  • High Carbon stainless steel blade
  • Robust pocket clip holder
  • Strong grip for easy handling
  • Best for quick and difficult jobs
  • Assured strength and durability

 4)    Gerber Remix, the everyday knife

This is easily recognizable by its iconic handle design, which renders it a classy look. A simple thumb lift makes it one of the most stable and still a very safe cutting tool for daily use.  The Gerber remix is made of a slim and a lightweight handle and has a special tip up pocket carrier. This knife is popular among users who love its tactical hole for inserting the finger to catch grip and prevents it from sliding, even if you strike a hard object. Gerber remix has a metallic body, which makes it more reliable than plastic. Its serrated edge renders it a special quality of a utility tool for daily use.

Many people prefer Gerber Remix for daily use because:

  • Light weight and durable
  • Thumb lift for stability while cutting
  • Great grip with its well-sized hole- not too small or big
  • Portable and very safe to carry

5)    Gerber Mark II knives, the ultimate combatant

This variety was introduced in 1966 and is one of the best selling knives till date. Mark II today comes in various serials and is mostly made of oxide-coated stainless steel with a nylon sheath. The durable quality undoubtedly makes this a long-period lifetime warranty product.  The Gerber mark II is a legendary knife with its design unchanged for over 10 years and is made of high quality steel. This sharp dagger gives a secured feeling especially when you are staying alone in a highly risky area. This knife is less for cutting and more for striking purpose.

 Its legendary features include:

  • Drag pint stainless steel blade
  • Two sided serrated blade
  • Aluminum handle with a nylon sheath
  • Best used for striking purpose

6)    Gerber Hook Knife, the latest amazement

This is a mini circular knife, which is surely going to woo anyone who sees you carrying it like a key chain.  The Gerber carry hook is a reliable and easily accessible. This knife is small so that it can be easily carried and too cute to forget.  It is  is specially designed in a way that the blade can be held in the key chain and be quickly used  to cut a piece of cloth, as a safety strap or cut a  stuck material at a fixed spot.  In other words, Gerber hook knife is used to ease all minute needs which are and mind-tickling. This surprising miniature can be used beyond home; open enveloped or boxes, cutting fish line, open a packet. The key ring ensures a safe grip as you press your thumb against the grip and cut. Once done you can place the blade-cum key ring back in to the sheath.

In a giffy, many love this special Gerber Hook knife because:

  • An attractive key ring blade
  • Strong thumb grip
  • Daily utility grip
  • Made of safe and sturdy aluminum material.

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