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Choosing The Best Air Compressor For Yourself

What is an air compressor?

Compressed air has energy. This energy can be released on command, usually by an electrical switch. This is principally done using an air compressor, which is a device that converts power obtained from an electric, a diesel or a gasoline engine, to kinetic energy in the form of compressed air.

Air compressors find use in a number of ways, such as filling gas cylinders, driving pneumatic tools like blow guns, pneumatic drills, air impact wrench, as well as filling the air in tires. These days, most air compressors come mainly in three types: the reciprocating piston type and rotary screw, and centrifugal type. The pump of an air compressor works on two mechanisms, namely the oil-less, and the oil-lubed. The oil-less system has more technical tunings and gains the upper hand over the oil-lubed pumps, and also delivers air of better quality. The only shortcoming of the oil-less system is that it puts more stress on the wallet and its service is short-lived.

You know the basics, now it’s time for you to find the perfect air compressor for yourself. Before stepping up to buy an air compressor you must ask yourself that purpose is this air compressor going to serve? Buying an air compressor is not all that easy. This all-in-one buying guide will help you choose the best air compressor for yourself.

Best Air Compressor

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Air Compressor

  1. Portability.
  2. Pressure Requirement
  3. Air Flow Requirement
  4. Power Source
  5. Tank type
  6. Pump type


What type of work your air compressor needs to do depends heavily on its portability factor. Air compressor units fall under two groups:

Portable compressors come in a range of shapes and sizes. Smaller units are light enough to carry and larger ones come furnished with wheels that make moving them stress-free. Light weight air compressors are well known for applications like powering a nail gun or inflating tires, whereas for heavier duty jobs, an air compressor that delivers more power is necessary. Consider a wheelbarrow compressor for heavy duty tasks. While providing sufficient air flow, it is also easy to move.

Stationary compressors are unmovable devices that are anchored into an area. These compressors are connected directly to the power circuit of the building. Fashioned with bulky tanks and bigger motors (10 HP), they are much valued in workshops for efficient working of a variety of air tools at a marginal cost.

Pressure requirement

Deciding how much pressure you need for your work is essential. The air compressor must have a decent pressure rating, exceeding the requirement of the air tools you have or the types of things the compressor will feed.

Air Flow Requirement

air compressor air flow

A compressor efficiency is measured by the amount of air flow it can process. CFM, or cubic feet per minute is the unit of this measurement. Measuring the CFM can be done in two ways, first being through knowing the piston displacement, measured as the amount of air volume entering the pump across the compressor intake. The second way of measuring the CFMis assessing the actual delivered air being exuded by the compressor pump. For maximum working efficiency, choosing a compressor with an air flow capacity needed for your job is necessary.

Power Source

air compressor power source

Air compressors run either on Electricity or Gasoline.

Electric compressors are best suited indoors as they do not emit fumes. Running an electrical compressor needs plugging it into your household voltage supply of 110-120 V. Compressors dissipating more power require a 220-240V supply.

Gasoline powered compressors are best suited for tasks that require high output. Using these compressors indoor is unwieldy because these emit exhaust.

Tank Type

air compressor tank

Tips on selecting the best tank for your job:

  1. A larger tank holds more air. It also provides a longer cool down period for the compressor.
  2. A vertical tank occupies a smaller area than a tank with a horizontal design.
  3. Using tools that require a high volume of uninterrupted air supply needs a larger tank.
  4. Minimum usages of tools need less air.  Smaller tools drain the tank slowly.
  5. Tank sizes range from 1 gallon to 80 gallons.

Pump Type

There are a variety of pump types to choose from. Selecting the best pump type for your work needs some knowledge on the types of pumps available.

The Single Stage compressors have one or more cylinders generating compressed air, level with the output pressure.

Two Stage compressors are used for works having high demands. These are equipped with a minimum of two cylinders. Pressure is built up in two stages where the first stage amps up the pressure to 135 psi, feeding it to the second stage where pressure is brought up to the 175 psi mark. In this way, more air is stored in the same tank.

The oil-lubed compressor’s working component is oil. The oil lubricates the machine and reduces friction, making the compressor last long.

Oil-free compressors are smaller and lighter than Oil-Lubed compressors, as there is no oil involved. The utility of these compressors is widely held for indoor applications.

So there you have it. Now you can buy air compressors without worrying about the details. Go shopping today! …..Click here to read more about best air compressor