The AR Blue Clean AR383 can make cleaning and pressure washing more efficient.  This washer is powerful with a maximum pressure of 1900 pounds per square inch and a maximum water volume of 1.5 gallons per minute.  It is designed to help you keep your car, yard, and the floor surfaces of areas like your garage and patio clean and free of stubborn grime that can accumulate over time.  With its powerful features, you save on time, water, and energy on these otherwise time and resource intensive task.  When you purchase the product, it already comes complete with a kit of accessories that contain a jet-nozzled gun with spray adjustments, a high pressure hose, and a foam dispenser.

AR Blue Clean AR383

 AR Blue Clean Fresh from the Box

This pressure washer measures 11.2 x 12.2 x 28.5 inches and weighs 29.3 pounds. It runs with a universal electric motor at 120 volts, 60 Hz, 14 Amps. Here is a list of its specifications for your examination:

Comes with a 20-foot hose and 30-foot power cord

  • Gun wand assembly includes a spray head which is fully adjustable. All other components connected to the high pressure hose include the detergent tank, injector kit, and the water filter.
  • Built with hose reel and hand crank for easy storage
  • Water volume of this pressure washer is 1.5 GPM, with a water pressure rate of 1900 PSI
  • Automatically start or stop the unit when the need arises with its TSS or Total Stop System which lets.

 AR383 Power Washer Benefits

This electricity-powered pressure washer uses cold water to clean dirty surfaces. You can drag its unit anywhere as it has a built-in two-wheel trolley to make moving easier.  This saves your back from straining and heavy lifting.  It also has a pump head with an automatic safety valve.  This feature, in tandem with the pressure shut-off, helps prevent damaging items or hurting people accidentally. Efficient cleaning is done with the Annovi Reverberi Triplex wobble-plate pump mechanism.   This 3 axial-piston pump works together with plungers that are made of tempered stainless steel.

The washer’s gun wand is equipped with a rotary nozzle that helps efficiently direct water’s pressure.  Because your cleaning tool is more efficient, you do not have to spend a lot of time completing your task; you can expect to save half the time it usually takes you.  There’s also the convenience of having a foamer/soap bottle that you can simply fill up with your cleaning solution and then attach to the washer.

As this is an electric appliance, users will be pleased to know that they are protected against accidental electric shocks with its standard Ground Fault Circuit Interpreter (GFCI).  There is also no need to worry about extension cords because this washer comes with an electric cord and power hose that is long enough to allow you to move it around the house.

The varied attachments also make it flexible enough to be used for a great number of cleaning tasks in and outside of the home.  You even get to save on your electricity and water bills with its automatic shut off feature. The machine’s motor shuts off whenever you let go of its trigger handle, helping you avoid overheating the machine’s pump.

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The Bonavita BV1800 is one of the most highly regarded coffee makers on the market and comes with the seal of approval by the SCAA. With an immense amount of power and a moderate cost, Bonavita has pushed the BV1800 to the top of any coffee enthusiast’s list of top coffee makers. With the BV1800, users can expect a plethora of features that ensure a cup of coffee is filled with the flavor and aroma only seen within the best coffee shops in the world.

Bonavita BV1800

1400-Watts of Power

Heating is provided with 1400 watts of power to ensure that the BV1800 makes 8 cups of coffee within a mere 5 – 6 minutes. By the time a person washes their face in the morning, they can have a steaming hot cup of coffee waiting for them.

2 Hour Heater

A screw-on lid is incorporated in the coffee maker’s design and will allow brewed coffee to stay piping hot for at least 2 hours. A shutoff feature will automatically halt the heating so that safety is always present.

Ideal Brewing Temperature

The ideal brewing temperature of 195 – 205 degrees is what sets this coffee maker apart from the competition. This is the exact range that will extract all of the delicious flavors from the coffee without destroying them because of too much heat.

Two Unique Designs

Two unique designs can be chosen to match the decor of a person’s kitchen. Glass and thermal options are available and all of the main components are stainless steel to ensure that the coffee maker is durable and sturdy.

Certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America

The Bonavita BV1800 has been certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. This is one of only four coffee makers that have been certified for home brewers. This is given based on the temperature at which the coffee is brewed as well as the coffee maker’s ability to meet the requirements of the association’s many tests.

For a modest price and a great coffee taste, this is the ideal brewer for home use. While it may not come with a timer or other fancy features, it will brew coffee that is expected only at up-scale coffee shops right in your home. With a built-in heater and a 2 year warranty, this is the perfect choice for the avid coffee drinker.

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Knives are one of the most regularly used tools, especially in the kitchen or anywhere else for everyday use. Many of us use knives aggressively but often miss out the most important aspect, to improve its efficiency, which basically means to sharpen it.

Many cooks and other similar professionals who use knives for most of their woks complain about its dullness or experience blunt times over due course of time. This is mainly because the blade needs to be sharpening after some point of time.

knife sharpening

Sharpen the blunt knives

Dull knives besides being useless may be dangerous to the cooks and often give the wrong cut Chances are, you might cut your finger, if you are applying too much force using a blunt knife. Many people often use knives in a hurry and are unaware of the process of sharpening the knife. To get most of your knife and ensure that it is always in its sharpest condition, it is crucial to know how to sharpen a knife which may need the use of specific objects to ensure safe and quality hone of your special knife.

Here are some methods to help you sharpen the knives conveniently without any hazards or injuries.

1)      A Whetting Stone

This is one of the least expensive, yet most effective tools used for knife honing. Sometimes even if you have this at home, you are likely to forget using it. Those who do not have a whetting stone, can purchase it from a hardware store for few dollars.

A whetting stone is rectangular and often looks like a brick. It has two side of different texture. A rough and a smooth side. Experts would recommend rubbing it very lightly using some oil. After use, it should be preferably stored in a tight compartment to protect it from dust and ensure its consistent sharpening ability.

How to use the whetting stone

1)      Place the stone on a rough surface with the rough side on top.

2)      Run the knife on the whetting stone at least 10 times at an angle of 22 degrees. Then, turn the knife and sharpen the other side following the same procedure.

3)      Repeat this step twice for the best effect.

Whetting stones are a basic type and other sophisticated tools to sharpen the knife. These are widely available in the market. Objects like electric sharpeners are highly advanced and cost much more than the simple whetting stone.

Using a sharpening steel

Whichever method one uses to sharpen the knife, it is imperative to complete the job by honing the blade with a stainless steel. This can be easily done by running the knife of the edge of stainless steel. This is useful for removing rough edges after sharpening the knife with the stone.


To ensure durability of knife, especially in terms of the shape, these objects need to be sharpened at least once a month. A well maintained sharp knife will be durable for many years for safe kitchen and culinary purpose.

Some important considerations for sharpening different materials

  • Stainless steel knives are sleek but that does not mean they have the perfect edge. The metal is the blade is soft and thus this material needs to be sharpening every time you use it. Fine and delicate cuts are only effective after immediate sharpening.

High carbon steel has the best knife edge and may not require daily or frequent sharpening. However these knives need to be washed and dried everyday and should not be left open in water. Sharpening requires great attention as they are very easy to rust. The blade has to be polished before use; otherwise it is likely to stain you kitchen areas including your sharpening tool.

  • Knives which are made of very high carbon steel with a straight blade last the longest and give the best cutting edge for detailed objects. Such objects can be sharpened by exposing the carbon filament.  Stropping the lade in the leather may sometimes get tricky, so a safe whetting stone can be preferably used.

Rushing for sharpening the knife is the most ineffective method and this will leave you in doubt no matter how many times you try to sharpen the knifes. For the best outcome, you can use a hand knife sharpener which is used by professional butchers and is totally inexpensive.

Advanced bench grinders and electrical tools are some sophisticated methods of sharpening the knife. This need to be very carefully used as they are extremely powerful and heat up the knife too quickly. One should know how the exact procedure to use this tools otherwise; fatal accidents are most likely to occur.

Sharpening a knife does not require high technical skills but one need to remember for sure that it requires basic precision and the right material to sharpen the tool for the appropriate outcome. Also considering the frequency of sharpening the knife is very important. To less or more of sharpening is likely to degrade the knife’s performance.

The best way to sharpen the knife is to know the frequency of the knife usage and the different purpose for which you will use it. The material of your knife and the destiny of the cutting object you are using the knife for is another set of important consideration. The best way to sharpen a knife is to gradually move from one equipment to the other. A whetting stone is best for the start followed by a sharpening blade and later and electrical equipment. If you think you are good to use the basic material, there is no need of moving to an advanced method, unless you are highly recommended by someone and you consider that the sharpening method will be effective and safe without causing any fatal accidents. In any case avoiding sharpening a knife is not an option. Sharpening a knife is always a must to ensure best durability without experiencing bluntness.

A boker knife is a unique and superb choice for a gifting option to anyone. This special knife combines class and toughness and can be surprisingly gifted to almost anyone- Your parents, grandparents, friends and even corporate clients and employees. A boker knife makes for a stylish gift.

boker knives

The perfect gift for travelers:

The Fixed Blade Boker Knife is the ideal choice to gift it your loved ones who are fond of outdoor explorations and meat hunting games. This knife features uneven edges which are appropriate for all kind of cutting purposes from simple fruits and vegetables chopping to wood cutting. Imagine you friend would remember only you when they were hungry in the middle of somewhere are could you this special knife gifted by you!

Boker knives for Chefs:

Booker knives are also available in paired, pointed and locking edges and are very portable. Besides outdoor activities they can be used for daily uses in the kitchen for any cutting jobs apart from food. The special advantage of these knives is that they are made with stainless steel and some have creative handles made in wood. These features make the knives looks like a classy gifting option.

Special Boker accessories:

If anyone already has a boker knife, you can enhance their special tool with creative add-ons like leather sheaths, clips and travel cases. These accessories can be easily bought from a near-by shop or an on-line store. These are also affordable gifting options which add value to the boker knife by extending its life span and provide safe and improved usage.

Boker knives for professionals:

Boker knives are a great gifting option for almost anyone as they can be used for multiple purposes. They are not simply hunting or cooking tools. Today police officers, sport fisher, travelers and sports enthusiasts are among the many others to extensively use this special tool for varied reasons.. For instance, boker knives are popularly used for cutting bait lines, self defense or untying knots. These are just simple example. One can improvise the knife’s use as per ones convenience.

Corporate Gifting:

Boker Knives can be used for corporate gifting for clients and employees. You can design your company logo or other important details and gift this multi-purpose gift to please them. This is a unique gifting idea to impress business colleagues with a special gift they may have not received before from anyone else. You can buy boker knives in bulk and keep them ready to gift it to immediate clients and during any event at the office.

Boker knives for collectors or elderly people:

Your grandparents may be of fond of collecting some special items and show casing them in the cabinets. You can gift them a boker knife of various shapes and designs and this will be a unique add-on to their collection case. Also they will feel glad to show a different collection to the visitors at home. They will also be able to carry the boker knife almost anywhere else for a quick fruit slice for the little kids, while on a family excursion.

All-purpose boker knives for mothers:

You can gift a boker knife to your mother and she will be surprised to know the spell binding effects of this single tool. She can use it for various kitchen purposes starting from cutting food, to tins and cans and other harsh material which may not be as strong as the durable boker knife. When alone at home, she will feel very protected having the boker knife to defense her from a type of attack. Sometimes, she can conveniently carry it in her purse for any urgent need when outside to help others with for a little help.

Boker knife for your grownups:

If you are a parent you can gift a boker knife to your child on his/ her 21st birthday. This a best way to express that you always wants the child to stay safe and protected. Don’t worry your child will not misuse it, being matured enough to know the laws. He/she can definitely use for better purpose like for helping others, at night while partying around the city or while on an adventurous tour.

Boker knives for security purpose:

Security guards can be gifted with the boker knife to ensure their personal safety at night. They can also use this special knife to cut fruits or meat, if they are hungry at night. If anyone one in the family is a law enforcer such a police officer or a detective, a boker knife is surely a blessing in disguise. Only such professionals can understand the utility of this defensive and sophisticated tool which can always help them to unlock some hidden mysteries on time.

Boker knives for adventurous personalities:

Boker knives are the ultimate hunting tools for your friends who are fans of the wilderness. Wood chopping, or flesh cutting is very simple with the boker knife. However gifting the right boker knife for hunting purposes is very essential. You should know the type of animals they love hunting for. Sometimes your friend may be a big animal hunter so a thick and a lengthy knife, which is rust free and durable, is useful for hunting. These boker knives are available in different price ranges, shapes and styles. That means there are a lot of options to choose from and you need to be very specific in your selection.

Before you choose to buy the right boker you should consider

  • The material it is made of: Carbon, stainless steel or surgical
  • The thickness and durability of the knife
  • The company that has manufactured the boker knives and the product range they offer.

Boker knives have evolved from mere hunting tools to special multi-purpose equipment, which encompass many daily functions. Boker knives gifted in a special case will make the receiver feel extra special and bold. Boker knives are truly unique and smart gifting options to your loved ones, anyone who is a fan of precise cutting or is fond of high quality knives.

Evolution through time

  • Fireplaces and cauldrons were used together by the Middle-Age Europeans to replace the traditional ceramic and earthen ovens; these unique combinations of large cauldrons and fireplaces resembled the Dutch ovens in many ways. The ovens made of wood, coal, electric, gas – all underwent major changes as science and technology continued making successful forays into our daily lives.
  • However, even with changes festering in the heart of the society, each of these ovens preserved their fundamental mode of working – the changes effected were only to make them better, and not dismantle their traditional mechanisms. The addition of fire chambers was carried out in those ovens that burnt wood, but the basic use of wood in them remained unchanged – these extra chambers facilitated easy release of smoke.
  • The picture was altered a bit when coal ovens came into the limelight in the early 19th century – these new ovens could easily be recognized by their cylindrical shapes and the cast iron used in their manufacturing. Cheek by jowl with the coal ovens, gas ovens too came into popular acceptance right at this point of time – and as soon as gas lines were made available to the housing settlements, gas stoves (ovens) became an immensely popular item of household use.
  • Electrical ovens came later, by the end of the 19th century; but its commercial use was pegged back by the rudimentary state in which electricity distribution occurred in those days. The 20th century saw ingenious additions to the oven usage mechanisms – the microwave oven was invented by Percy Spencer in 1946 and later patented. This new kind of oven produced heat inside foot items by use of microwave radiation that could penetrate the food particles and excite them to a higher state of energy.

Definition of a Convection Oven

To put the definition in simple terms, a convection oven makes use of fans to circulate required amount of air around food items. Some ovens, with more conventional structural compositions, use the following instruments to achieve the job of circulating air around the food, even without possessing fans –

  1. Radiation of heat from the walls of the oven, which effectively does the same job that a fan is supposed to do.
  2. Temperature differences between various points present within the oven facilitates natural convection.

However, it is to improve on the effectiveness of the process of natural convection that fans are used in the ovens – they make use of the process of convective heat transfer to transfer more amounts of heat to the food. The distribution of heat around the food, achieved by the convection ovens by removing the comparatively cooler air around, has the objective of cooking the food in lesser time and using lower temperature that a typical conventional oven. The modern convection ovens are generally equipped with a fan to circulate air and a heating element to provide heat to the food.

Mechanism of usage

The usage of radiant heat sources, placed at the bottom and the top of a convection oven, facilitates the speeding of the cooking process by effectively improving heat transfer to the food item. Some ovens, with specific purposes, have their heating elements situated outside the chamber in which the food is kept – this segregation of the heating elements from the food item greatly downsizes the effect of heat transfer on the food. Radiation from the walls is also a potent way to heat the food – the circulation of air around the food chamber causes the walls to get heated, albeit to a lower temperature than the heating element itself; but even this amount of heating of the walls is good enough to transfer some of the heat to the food stored in the chamber.

Difference between fan-ovens ad conventional ovens

The basic difference between a fan-assisted oven and a conventional oven is the reduction in cooking temperature that is a distinct characteristic of the former, and not the latter. The exact amount of difference in the cooking temperature between the two types of ovens, however, is subject to many factors- the most notable among them being the amount of food to be cooked at once, or the use of a baking tray to bottleneck airflow into the food chamber. The fundamental fact underlying this temperature difference is that the rate of heat transferred by still air is far less, for a given period of time, than circulating air. Thus, the reduction of temperature and the simultaneous decrease in rate of heat transfer is necessitated by the need to transfer the same amount of heat in the same period of time.

The use of circulating fans in the ovens was not propounded until 1967, when the Malleable Iron Range Company brought the advantages of using them in household ovens to the fore. This was followed the rapid amalgamation of the circulating fans and ovens.