Thinking about house cleaning, the first thing that comes in your mind is the different ways that we can follow to clean our houses. We can clean the house with our hands or can do it with the help of other products available in the market, like vacuum cleaners that is the best when it comes to cleaning the houses. Vacuum cleaner helps in cleaning each and every thing in the houses and it is safe to use, even those people who does not have any proper knowledge of using the vacuum cleaners can use it easily.

Now you would be thinking how to clean a house with the help of vacuum cleaners. Cleaning the house with the help of vacuum cleaners is easy as you just have to plug-in the vacuum cleaner and arrange the pipe accordingly so that it can soak all the dust from the furniture. It does not take much time to clean the house with the help of the vacuum cleaner, it is best for all the working people who do not have much time to spend for cleaning work at their houses as they have to go for the work.

Keeping the time of people in the mind company has introduced a technology that is called Hepa filters. Let’s understand what is a Hepa Filter?

Every vacuum cleaner comes with the filters to soak the dust, some of the vacuum cleaners contain the filters that need to be cleaned out after you use it, it sometimes becomes annoying and due to which people gets frustrated as it becomes time consuming to work and clean the filters every now and then. So, many companies have introduced the Hepa filters which come with the new kind of filters that soak more and more dust particles and helps keeping your house hold products clean. So, if you have to clean the vacuum cleaner filters after cleaning any furniture, Hepa filter vacuum cleaners are best for you that helps you to save time as well.

Whenever we are using vacuum cleaner, cleaning the vacuum cleaner parts is really a tedious task. There are many of the vacuum cleaners that comes with the detachable parts that are easy to clean and can be used by any person even if he/she does not have the proper knowledge of the vacuum cleaners. The parts which vacuum cleaner contains are:

Vacuum Cleaner Parts

1 Cleaning the Bag: When you are cleaning the vacuum cleaner, checking the bag is very important as if the bag is full then the vacuum cleaner will not work properly. Before you does any kind of maintenance make sure you have unplugged the vacuum cleaner? If the vacuum cleaner bag is full then you will not be able to use the vacuum cleaner effectively. Before cleaning you must read the instructions well, the instruction clearly mentions that when to clean the vacuum cleaner bag. It is recommended to clean the bag when its 1/2 or 1/3 full.

2. Brush Roll: Brush roll is that part of the vacuum cleaner that is a spinner brush that enables to brush dirt out of the carpets. Brush roll is located at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. When you are cleaning the brush roll, just remove the tray and you can find the roll. You can clean with the help of scissors or with your hands as well. You should remove any hairs or string that is wrapped around the brush.

3. Lubricate the bearings on the brush roll: When you are cleaning the brush roll, make sure to lubricate it well as brush roll rotates when you use the vacuum cleaner, if the roll is not lubricated well then it might give problems while cleaning. So to avoid any kind of problems you must make sure that the brush roll is lubricated well.

4. Clean the filters: Now days many of the filters are been introduced with the filters that collects the patch of the dust particles. So, it is very important to clean the filters during the maintenance of the vacuum cleaner.

So, while using the vacuum cleaner, make sure to clean the bags, roll or filters so that you can use the vacuum cleaner easily.

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