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An air conditioner is one of the most important machines today. As the name suggests, an air conditioner is useful for keeping the air in a particular environment within a certain temperature range. The temperature of the air that is circulating around the room accounts for the temperature that will be present in the room. Therefore, the alteration of the temperature of the air results in the ultimate alteration of the temperature of the entire room. Its wide usage has continued to make it one of the most inventions of engineering today. That is why it is used in many ways including controlling the temperatures of a home, office block or in factories where the temperature of the working environment has to be kept within a certain range. Although air conditioners are this important, they are not different from any engineering machinery in as far as encountering problems is concerned. Therefore, it may not be surprising to come across an air conditioner that has failed to function according to its expectations or one that has failed to function at all. What are some of the commonest problems that are faced by air conditioners?

The air conditioner will not start or turn on

This is one of the commonest problems that are encountered by many owners of air conditioners. Most owners have reported this problem while suggesting the would-be causes such as lack of power supply or perhaps worn out internal wiring. However, the problem is usually caused by the failure of the operator to properly set the heat and cool modes depending on the temperature of the room. If the conditioner was not turned off and left in the heat or cool modes, it will not start for as long as the temperature of the room is above the temperature of the room. In general, it is important to always inspect the thermostat settings when you see that your air conditioner will not turn on.

Check the fuse or the machine’s circuit breaker

There are instances when the conditioner fails to turn on because its fuse has been blown or the circuit breaker has opened the circuit. If this is the case, you are also advised to check your circuit breaker or fuse in case of any irregularities. If the fuse has blown, you are immediately advised to replace it as soon as you can. Make sure you that your new replacement has the correct fuse rating to avoid any further damage. Circuit breakers only open the circuit in order to prevent the damage of the appliance when a much larger current has been generated due to a short circuit.

Sometimes the air vents may malfunction resulting in poor air flow

This is also very common and has been reported by many owners of air conditioners. Malfunctioning air vents usually leads to poor flow of air. The worst result of this would be the air conditioner failing to control temperatures as much as it should. Poor flow of air means that the change in the temperature of the room will only change after a much longer time has passed and sometimes may not even change at all. The malfunction of air vents may be due to the air conditioner having filters that are dirty. Sometimes this may also result from the air conditioner having ducts that are blocked or not properly connected.

Malfunctioning condensing unit

There are instances where the condensing unit has failed to function properly. A good number of owners may have encountered this problem if they have not taken their time to inspect their condensing unit. This is usually the case if the air conditioner is too big for your house. As a result, the system will only be able to get rid of the humidity after a much longer time has gone by. In most cases, the unit will be forced to turn on and off at various intervals in response to the degree of humidity in the room.

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