Nothing seems more wonderful to refresh your mind than a cup of coffee. In addition to the taste and deliciousness of the coffee, another aspect which should be considered is the cleanliness of the coffee maker. According to coffee experts, cleanest equipment for coffee serve as a guarantee for the best coffee. Even the most costly coffees can taste as bitter, musty, muddy or stale if they are made in dirty or drip coffee makers. This is because of the fact that with the passage of time, coffee makers develop layers of oil or some coatings of mineral deposits, hence ruining the taste of coffee as well as your mood. So in order to get the best results of coffee, cleanliness of the coffee maker should always be kept in notice.

Cleaning coffee makers is often thought to be very difficult, costly and time consuming.  Here are some methods of cleaning coffee makers which will surely be a great help to you in doing so. They will also serve as providing you with ease, saving your time and money and will also guarantee the best coffee to you.

Many coffee experts suggest weekly cleaning of coffee makers, but thorough and efficient cleaning of coffee makers can also give equalized effects in this respect.Monthly cleaning should be done in order to get the best performance of coffee makers.

In order to clean a coffee maker, everything should be paid consideration ranging from glass flask to the proper delivery system of water.

The most cheap and proficient method of cleaning is using a small plastic brush round the interior of the glass carafe to spin small amount of water along with soap in the coffee carafe.

The necessary ingredients required for regular cleaning of coffee makers are:

  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Paper towels

Coffee makers can also be cleaned without using vinegar by utilizing household acids such as Lemon juice, baking soda with water along with salty ice cubes. When this mixture is added to the drip coffee flask and twirled for some minutes, all the residue of burned coffee as well as oil deposits are removed. After a few minutes, the mixture of ice cubes is pitched into the sink and then rinsed thoroughly for few minutes. This method is mostly used in restaurants.

Commercial coffee cleaners and dishwashing liquids are also used in this regard. Some people make use of chemicals for this purpose which mostly result in unpleasant taste of coffee.

Steps To Clean A Coffee Maker

  • In order to clean a coffee maker, the first step which is used is to remove all the parts of machine which hold coffee filter and then check them thoroughly in order to confirm the absence of any source of contamination. Filter holder should be replaced during cleaning process but not with the filter, otherwise mould will appear in the machine which will ultimately lead to the spoilage of the taste of coffee.
  • Next step is to wash the removed parts with water and vinegar. The ratio of two to one will be sufficient for water and vinegar for the active cleaning of the machine. However, if coffee maker is too much dirty, then we can use equal amount of water and vinegar. Instead of using white vinegar in diluted form, it should be directly placed in the container. Wipe down all the surfaces of container and the heating section of the coffee pot. After pouring water and vinegar into the reservoir, swill the coffee pot by turning the maker on. Turn off the coffee maker after the completion of one cycle.
  • For fifteen minutes, let the vinegar solution rest into the carafe.
  • After that, rinse thoroughly the whole machine by brewing water in order to remove, if any, leftovers of vinegar in the machine.  Repeat the cycle twice of brewing water, shutting down machine. Allow the machine to cool for fifteen minutes after ever cycle.
  • Finally, wash the coffee container and filter it with warm and soapy water.
  • Allow it to rinse again, but use plain cold water this time. Make sure that no smell of vinegar is left in the pot.

A clean coffee maker will be ready for use. Allow it to get completely waterless before the start of next coffee pot.

Following these steps will surely prove a great help in saving your time, energy and money while doing this difficult task.

Some other facts which must be considered in this regard are

  • Avoiding the direct use of soap on coffee maker or coffee pot as it leads to impairment of the machine. Use dishwashing liquids instead of it.
  • In order to avoid oil and impurities in the pot, avoiding using coffee pot while pouring water in the reservoir as it gives nasty taste to the coffee. In place of it, make use of a pitcher that is reserved only for the use of water.
  • Make use of microfiber towels than paper towels for cleaning and drying of coffee pots.
  • In order to get rid of the mineral deposits in the water chamber, place a glass marble in it and then wash it weekly.
  • In addition to using ordinary brush for cleaning filter basket, you can utilize your truth brush as well. I know it will seem quite surprising to you but it really happens to be useful. You can make a perfect brush for cleaning coffee filtering basket yourself. Just bend the tooth brush to the angle of 90 degrees. This can be done by heating the tooth brush from spines.
  • Use paper towels or clean dish towels which must not be soapy in case of tough stains and rinse thoroughly.
  •  Another suggestion for cleaning coffee makers and getting awesome coffee taste is placing a second filter on the upper surface of the first filter.

We wish you to enjoy easier, less timed and cheaper coffee makers cleaning now.

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