Sometimes, a hand-held vacuum cleaner is not enough for your home’s needs. And you may not like the idea of buying one vacuum trash bag after another, or you may have allergies that may prevent you from handling such materials. If such is the case, then what you need is an upright bagless vacuum cleaner. We heartily recommend the Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor bagless vacuum cleaner

The DC33 is a marvel of technology, with superior vacuum pressure power, and with accessories that can help expand its use. And at 17.6 lbs., it is lightweight enough that you can take it anywhere. No need to worry about finding the nearest power outlet because this baby has has a 35-foot power cord. Combined with an extended telescope reach wand, you can vacuum up to more than 50 feet away from any power outlet.

Here are more details and information about the DC33 that will definitely help you with your buying decision

Dyson dc33.


The DC33 can be used on many kinds of floors (hence the name), tile, vinyl, and wood. It can also be used on carpet.

At the very center of the DC33’s superior performance is Dyson’s patented Root Cyclone Technology, which can create a powerful suction force. The Cyclone mechanism will then deposit all the dirt it can get directly into the canister. No need for a bag, all you will have to do is deposit the contents of the canister into the nearest trash bin. This technology can capture particles down to a half-micron in size, without any loss of vacuum pressure.

Another important design component is the HEPA filter, which captures all possible allergenic particles in the exit vent. This will prevent you from getting asthma & allergy attacks while you are cleaning your place up. Even better, regular cleaning will also minimize allergenic substances in your house. Pollen, mold, spores, and dust mites are all easy prey for the DC33. And the filter is washable, so you do not need to buy a new one.

The DC33 is practically a self-contained cleaning machine that does not need replacement bags, filters, or belts.

Some people have reported that it tends to fall over when the owner is reaching for high places. The solution to that is simple: find a nearer outlet, or, if you have to, buy an extension cord, so you can position the vacuum cleaner closer to you, and you will then be able to extend the telescopic wand higher.


The DC33 is made of tough polycarbonate, so short of intentionally trying to break it, you should have no problem with lifelong use. However, do remember that maintenance is also important – after cleaning your house, you should also clean your vacuum cleaner, check the manual on how this can be done.


Suction power of the DC33 is rated at a constant 240 Air Watts, or almost a third of a horsepower. That is practically the strength of some smaller air conditioners.

The clear bin that functions as its trash and dust depository can hold up to two-thirds of a gallon of dirt.


Just like any vacuum cleaner, the DC33 has many useful accessories that can expand its usefulness. For exampledyson dc33 parts

  • Telescoping reach wand : This tool extends almost 15 feet, and is easy to assemble and attach to the DC33. It has been redesigned from the older model to give an extra 4 inches of reach, for all those high places you would like to clean up This comes with the vacuum cleaner.
  • On-board accessory tool : this is a combination custom tool that can be stored on the vacuum cleaner itself
  • angle-free turbine tool : If you have had problems with the carpet, then this accessory is what you need. You can order it from Dyson, or from online and real-world shops that carry Dyson appliances, parts, and accessories.
  • Asthma & allergy kit : These new enhancement tools are designed to get to hard-to-reach places, and are particularly suited to removing allergenic particles. These sets are available through Dyson carriers.
  • Flexi crevice tool : having problems with tight spaces and corners you cannot reach, this bendable brush attachment will be able to help you remove dust and dirt from places you cannot see clearly.
  • Pet grooming and clean-up accessories : Dyson knows how important our companions are to us, and they have a range of add-on devices that can adapt the DC33 to keeping your pets clean.
  • Soft dusting brush : if you have items like lamps and canvass dividers, you might want to buy one of these, so you will not damage them. This tool is perfect for dealing with antique or vintage furniture.
  • Stiff bristle brush : If your kid has left mud tracks in the kitchen after a soccer game, then this is the perfect tool to address stubborn, clingy dirt.

Do note that there are many more accessories available. And all of them can answer your housecleaning needs. You do not have to buy them all, as the generic wand can handle most cleaning issues. However, it would not hurt to get a few of the more needed accessories. Many of the complaints online for the DC33 happens when people want a specific cleaning job done – but have not bought the accessory for it. Do not make the same mistake. Maximize your DC33.


Originally priced from $350 to $400, prices have sufficiently gone down that you can find one for $300 or even less. Do note that some real-world and online stores may offer different package options for the DC33, or decide to include some of the add-on accessories as part of a cleaning package. If such is the case, a higher price may actually be worth it.

Customer Service

You can contact Dyson through their website, but do make sure that if you buy it online, that the warranty is good. Dyson vacuum cleaners have warranties worth five years, and that comes with free parts and labor.


If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t require you to periodically buy new trash bags or filters, and still gives you the choice of many accessories that can expand its functions or make it more useful to your home environment, then don’t hesitate to buy a Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor vacuum cleaner

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